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Dolce Vita Spa Packages

Reward yourself or a loved one with total indulgence.

La Dolce Vita     $170.00
Deluxe Massage   (75 min.)
Deluxe Facial     (75min.)

La Toscana European     $130.00
Classic Facial   (60 min.)
Full Body Massage  (60 min.)

La Bella Dona      $115.00
Spa Style Facial   (45 min.)
Stress Relief Massage  (45 min.)

IL Gentilmo     $115.00
 Gentlemen's Spa Facial   (45 min)
Stress Relief Massage   (45 min)

Customized Facials
Dolce Vita Combines advances techniques, expert advise, and innovative skin care systems to give you vibrantly healthy skin.

Signature Deluxe Facial
Our most popular facial! Totally customized to achieve optimum results while indulging in total relaxation
75 min    $95.00

European Classic Facial
Restore your skins radiance with this deep cleansing, smoothing and hydrating treatment.
60 min    $75.00

Spa Facial
A revitalizing deep cleansing treatment leaves your skin with a natural healthy glow.
45 min    $65.00

Executive Facial
When time is of the essence this treatment delivers optimum results in minimum time, restoring the natural balance of your skin.
30 min    $50.00

Back Facial
A relaxing treatment that deep cleanses, smoothes, and revitalizes.
30 min    $50.00
45 min    $65.00

Men's Skin Fitness Facials
93% of men shave everyday and most are not satisfied with their shaving procedure. Most men suffer from razor burn, rashes, and redness as a result of shaving. Our treatments are customized to address these issues for excellent skin fitness.
60 min    $75.00
45 min    $65.00
30 min    $50.00

Specialty Skin Care Treatments

Medicated Cleansing Treatments
The ultimate in acne management, targeting current breakouts while helping prevent future breakouts.
60 min    $95.00

Power Regeneration Treatment
Targets the signs of pre-mature aging, dryness and sun damage. It nourishes regenerates and energizes, providing immediate visible results.
60 min    $95.00

Collagen Treatments
This anti-aging collagen treatment utilizes a series of concentrated extracts to stimulate sluggish cells, promoting the production of collagen and elastin.
60 min    $95.00

Skin Brightening Treatment
Stop uneven pigmentation at its cause. This treatment regulates pigment production on a cellular level, helping to balance to complexion.
60 min    $95.00

Cranberry Facial
Our delectable cranberry facial is loaded with anti-oxidants, earth minerals, enzymes and nutrients that help promote anti-aging, firming, deep pore cleansing and hydrations.
This cosmeceutical based facial is suited for all skin types looking to regain freshness, smoothness and an over all healthy glow.
60 min    $105.00

Pumpkin Facial
Warm your holiday and new years with the amazing power of pumpkin peel! This powerful blend of multi-fruit and pumpkin complex, in a mask form, will leave your skin fresher, smoother and younger looking! How? The primary action of this blend creates and AHA Lactic, Glycolic, Citric, Malic and Tartaic Acid the weakens the bonds between dead cells and sheds them from the service.
Your skin will look, feel and BE amazing!
60 min    $105.00

Cucumber Facial
This hydrating and rejuvenating facial will smooth away dull and tired skin. Restore hydration and soothing puffy eyes and inflammation. Refreshing and revitalizing!
60 min    $95.00

Stimulates collagen, reduces uneven pigmentation, softens acne scares, smoothes fine lines and improves texture and clarity. Includes a complete customized facial for optimum results.
60 min    $130.00

Pumpkin Massage and Back Treatment
This decadent treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage using pumpkin massage oil.  A leg and foot massage is included.  The treatment is followed by an exfoliating back scrub and moisturizing back mask with heat therapy, smoothing and nourishing dry skin.  Pumpkin body butter is the finishing touch.  Yum!
60 min    $110.00

Massage Therapy
Reduces tension and relieves the negative effects of everyday stress. Our expert massage therapist will restore your sense of well being with a customized combination of massage techniques.
30 min    $45.00
45 min    $65.00
60 min    $75.00
75 min    $95.00
90 min     $105.00

Century's old hand and foot massage used to stimulate reflex points to the central nerves system benefiting specific areas of the body.
30 min    $45.00

Hot Stone Massage
Allow the warmth of heated river stones to melt the stress out of your muscles. Relax your mind and body.
60 min    $95.00
90 min    $125.00

Expert Brow Design
Brow Wax
First visit   $20.00
Follow up   $15.00
Lip   $12.00
Chin or Cheek   $12.00
Underarms   $20.00
½ Arms   $25.00
¾ arms   $30.00
Full arms   $40.00
Bikini   $30.00 up
Playboy   $55.00 up
Full Monte   $65.00 up
Upper ½ leg   $35.00 up
Lower ½ leg   $35.00 up
Upper ½ leg With Bikini   $50.00 up
Full leg   $65.00 up
Full leg with Bikini   $85.00 up
Men's Back   $45.00 up
Men's Chest and stomach   $60.00 up
Men's legs   $80.00 up

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